The Month of Teethus Maximus

Is finally over. Penguins finished in a typically mediocre position.

The season performed exactly as scripted back in May.

PeL sure is exciting and unpredictable, ya’ll.

No diamond vacation this season

Sadly, even if we lose every remaining game, we might not reach the Line of Death for relegation. We’d still be about a game up.

Which means the wildcard is out of reach, the division is out of reach, a nice relaxing vacation is out of reach, and we finish somewhere (who cares where, exactly) in the middle of the pack.

Completed a couple of Braves missions, yay, but the rewards suck and the players won’t make the team. Maybe someone in there helps out Team Terrigold, but I doubt it. Ron Acuna 89 or Joe Torre 88? Don’t think Ron pushes Bonds out of left, don’t think Torre pushes Pudge.

65-68, .489. Division 4th Overall 14th. 36 games back, 11GB in wildcard. Nowheresville.

Pessimistic Projection Model says we finish around 79 wins. Remaining schedule strength model says 76. Neither result would be remarkable.

Looks like OOTP XX will go out with a wet fizzle.


New Faces:
Tim Salmon (returns to the lineup)
Mike Trout
Lonnie Smith


Winning streak? hahaha

Lot of home games in the past month, not many sharks. We’ve climbed back out of the cellar briefly, just waiting for the September bloodbath.

.667 for July, 51-55, .481, Division 4th Overall 14th. Relegation Line +9½, the Diamond vacation trip is still well within range with 56 games to play. Estimated wins remaining against schedule strength–24.

Which would make for a 75 (.462) win season, if we play up to the expected results, a few games over the current Death Line.

Don’t worry, the some of the smaller sharks will be back near the shore next month, and attacks will continue intensifying right up until the last game.

Shark Season (phase one)

Well, the second worst month of the schedule is over. Only 2 games left to lose in June. Then things should remain (relatively) calm until the next big shark feast in Sep.

Division 5th Overall t-22nd, 34-46 .425
Relegation Watch: +3½ games over the current death line (.383).

Sadly, we’ll probably make some games up and avoid a nice relaxing Diamond vacation. But September gives us another shot at it!

Welcome to 2065

The division is already decided.

Shark Prime (13 championships, 33 seasons) is off to one of those .815 starts. Oddly, we won’t see much of the Blue Rocks until September (10 games). So let’s hope we’re not in the middle of a tight wild card race in August, because the season will end with an explosion of bloody feathers.

Good news for him and his endgame positioning, I suppose.

The Twinkies (3 time champions) are only one game back. I presume he’ll overtake us at some point, and we’ll fall back to our traditional mediocre spot.

We’re playing well enough so far (16-9). Division 2nd, Overall 7th.

The scheduled shark attacks peak in Jun and Sept. So if you’re a season ticket holder, give tickets for those months to that cousin you don’t much like.